1. just saying

    I lived in NYC for three years because I thought it would be a good idea to do so if I wanted to be a writer. I met lots of cool people and went to lots of cool events and places, etc. while I was there. I also wrote a total of five decent stories in the 3-year span. 

    The work I’ve done in my childhood bedroom and in Beckley, WV has far surpassed the work I did in NYC, in terms of quantity, quality, and “coolness.” 


  2. Jacob Kaplan talks about my essay up at Hobart, along with work by Chelsea Hodson, Melissa Broder, Gene Morgan, Blake Butler, Ben Lerner, etc. etc. etc.


  3. lk-shaw:

    shout out to my main bitches and my side bitches 

    here are some recommendations for things i have enjoyed recently:

    women by chloe caldwell

    bad blood by luna miguel

    illuminati girl gang edited by gabby bess 

    the blue hour by karina briski

    bushwick review edited by kristen felicetti

    anaconda by nicki minaj

    excavation by wendy c. ortiz

    takahe by stacey teague

    pressure, titanium & bone by sarah jean alexander

    bunny collective founded by samantha conlon

    the chronology of water by lidia yuknavitch

    six dead dogs by rachael lee nelson

    sadmess & why-fi by ana carrete

    beyonce at the vma’s by beyonce knowles

    true life: i married scott mcclanahan by juliet escoria

    i am here by ashley opheim

    & the female fear by stephanie georgopulos

    (via altlitgossip)


  4. "I believe in art. We can’t have truth, because truth is so difficult. But we can have beauty. My obsession is to give to you something different. When civilization ends, Greece, Egypt, India—the only thing that endures is art. A country that does not have art despairs. War is not beautiful. Banks are not beautiful. Architecture used to have a lot of style, not anymore. Religion is not beautiful. Politics is not beautiful. What is beautiful now? Tell me. What is beautiful now?"

  5. Death Will Come and Will Have Your Eyes

    Cesare Pavese wrote this poem and then killed himself shortly thereafter. 

    Death will come and will have your eyes—
    this death that accompanies us
    from morning till evening, unsleeping,
    deaf, like an old remorse
    or an absurd vice. Your eyes
    will be a useless word,
    a suppressed cry, a silence.
    That’s what you see each morning
    when alone with yourself you lean
    toward the mirror. O precious hope,
    that day we too will know
    that you are life and you are nothingness.

    Death has a look for everyone.
    Death will come and will have your eyes.
    It will be like renouncing a vice,
    like seeing a dead face reappear in the mirror,
    like listening to a lip that’s shut.
    We’ll go down into the maelstrom mute.

    —Translated by Geoffrey Brock


  6. "The truth is that mental illness can be deadly, and suicide is the end result of ongoing symptoms. Cancer kills when it spreads so much that the organs can’t function. Mental illness kills when the urge to die becomes louder than the urge to live."

  7. The new Karen O album makes me very happy and is a good reminder that sometimes unpolished things are the best things.


  8. altlitgossip:

    Juliet Escoria writes about marriage and psychiatry for Hobart:

    read the full article here

    In California, there were dozens of psychiatrists within a couple miles from me. I could have my pick. I went with mine because I didn’t hate her based on the photo on her website. I ended up liking her because when I told her I was having anxiety, she showed me some breathing exercises rather than handing me another prescription.

    When it comes time for me to find a psychiatrist in Beckley, I Google “psychiatrist Beckley.” Scott’s psychiatrist comes up. The internet says he sees 60 patients a day.

    I now understand what the fuck is wrong with Scott’s doctor.

    There are a couple other clinics in Beckley. Their numbers are worse.


  9. think it’s really funny that perfectly intelligent, thoughtful people are mistaking beyonce as some sort of revolutionary feminist. her brand of feminism is attractive, easy to understand, easy to digest. and it is exactly that: a brand, a product, something for you to pay money for and pledge allegiance to and consume.

    please note: i’m not talking shit on beyonce. i love her music. i love how she presents herself. without thinking about it too much, i’m pretty sure i respect her more than any other contemporary female pop star. and i certainly appreciate the fact that she is contributing to the idea that a feminist can be a complicated, perhaps contradictory, person: sexy, a mother, wanting to please her husband, fierce, powerful, tough. 

    but like. let’s not mistake a well calculated marketing scheme for a brave act of defiance. doing so is at best stupid/ignorant and at worst dangerous.

    i may be biased since elizabeth is a “bro”, but i feel like we should be celebrating acts like this over ones like slapping the word “feminism” on a stage and a clip of chimamanda adichie on a song. but “small” acts like raising a child are “ordinary.” it’s so much easier to celebrate something glamorous.


  10. perros-romanticos:


    Juliet Escoria es, junto con Noah Cicero, la voz en la literatura que surge desde los suburbios olvidados y deprimidos de Norteamérica. Black Cloud, editada por Civil Coping Mechanisms (la misma editorial que ha apostado por escritores de la alt lit y que recientemente ha lanzado la…

    My favorite thing about stuff that is written about me in Spanish is the fact that Google translates my name as Juliet Slag. <3 <3


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  14. fast-machine:

    'someone has to die' 

    I am dying


  15. bipolar people of the universe national anthem

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