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    'someone has to die' 

    I am dying


  3. bipolar people of the universe national anthem

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    Mr. and Mrs.Juliet Escoria


  5. I have a thing from the new book I am working on up at Everyday Genius. The book is called The Big Book of Secrets, Lies, Truths and Half-Truths. The excerpt is called COMPUTER GAMES I PLAYED AS A CHILD. Thank you Michael J Seidlinger for asking for something from me. 


  6. What if

    Your husband is a writer and he writes a book about the woman who was his wife before you were his wife. Except a lot of the things that happen to the wife in the book are things that actually happened to you in real life. What if you’re a writer too. What if you want to write about the things he’s already written about, the stories that were yours that have now become the stories belonging to the fictional version of his ex-wife. Whose stories are they now. Do they belong to nobody now? Do they belong to everyone? Maybe the husband remembers them more clearly than I do now. Are stories more like sweaters, or breaths?


  7. scottmcclanahan:

    I finished The Sarah Book today.  Of course, Gian and I will now stat cutting on it.  Tyrant Books.  This book is for Juliet.  This book is for Juliet.  This book is for Juliet.


  8. Michael Seidlinger asked for an excerpt of what I’m currently working on for Everyday Genius, which he is curating this month. The excerpt I gave him had to do with computer games from the late ’80s-mid ’90s. It required me to do a lot of research. This is from The Manhole, which was released in 1989. FUN FACT ABOUT THE MANHOLE: It was the first game to be released on CD-ROM. The excerpt will run next week.


  9. I began reading this book last night and finished it tonight. It was the kind of book where you don’t even feel like you’re reading it. It just zipped right along on its own.

    I didn’t want to like it. I’d read some of her interviews and I felt like she was copping my style. But I really loved reading it. It felt like a crime novel. It felt like a dirty movie.

    The other book I read recently that I really liked was Lindsay Hunter’s Ugly Girls. I feel like I’m the opposite of most people, in that it is rare for me to love books written by men. Almost all of my favorites were written by women.

    Today Scott and I both felt kind of sad. After our work and chores were over, I got a glass of grapefruit Perrier and a piece of Nicorette and drew myself a bath. Scott sat beside the bathtub on the floor. He turned on the Brian Eno album “Music for Airports” on his laptop. He read me the last two chapters from The Sarah Book, which is almost completely finished. It was the best bath I have taken, and I have taken a lot of great baths. My husband is one of my male exceptions. I’m so proud of my big-dreaming genius.


  10. :D


    New Holler Boys album coming soon, people.


  11. #juliet and scott 4evr

    Scott & I wrote a honeymoon tour diary for HTMLGIANT. The third and final installment went up today. So far no one has answered our plea for free money. You are all a bunch of cheap bastards, just sayin!!!!!!





  12. I feel cool cus Scott has read just about everything but he hadn’t heard of EM Cioran before I told him to read it. 

    I read this book for the first time in my Advanced Fiction Workshop with Andrew Winer at UC Riverside. I was a senior in college and a drunk and a very bad insomniac. It was one of my favorite classes of all time. We also read Elias Canetti’s The Secret Heart of the Clock and a New Directions anthology. All three books are highly recommended. 


    "In everything there must be something petty if there is to be the impression of truth.   If angels were to write, they would be—except the fallen ones—unreadable Purity passes with difficulty because it is incompatible with breathing."

    "If I were to obey my impulse, I should spend my days writing letters of insult and adieu"

    "One can imagine everything, predict everything, save how low one can sink"

    "Woe to the writer who fails to cultivate his megalomania, who sees it diminished without taking action"

    "Man has more chances of saving himself by hell than by paradise"




  15. some of our getting married pix 4 u

    shot by gena mohwish

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