2. some of our getting married pix 4 u

    shot by gena mohwish


  3. There is a raccoon that frequents the dumpster behind the apartment. Scott said it might be rabid because he saw it running around in the day. But then we realized it was out in the day because it was sleeping in the dumpster and when he threw the trash in it he woke it up.

    I started watching the raccoon from our bedroom window late at night. Turns out there are actually four of them, two adults and two babies. I looked up raccoons on the internet and they generally hang out in same-sex groups.

    I named the raccoons. The big one is Bobby. She spells it with a Y because she isn’t a fan of gender roles. Tina is her friend. Tricia and Kimberly are the babies. They’re my friends now. Sometimes I bring them snacks. I put the snacks inside plastic containers so I can watch them open them.


  4. Anonymous said: you're a suicide girl?



  5. altlitgossip:

    Juliet Escoria gets interview for Vice

    read it here


  6. chelseahodson:

    Inventory #555: Black Cloud by Juliet Escoria



    At first it is nothing, and then it is something and then it feels like I’m floating. It feels so good that I do not question if these feelings are real or valid, or if there is simply too much dopamine sizzling around in my brain. I feel like the burden of being troubled, of being human, has been lifted, and I let it lift. I let myself sit there with my eyes closed, just breathing. I let myself feel like a cobalt blue ball.

    —Juliet Escoria


  7. Wedding playlists CHILL (for chilling) and DANCE (for dancing).


  8. You can buy signed copies of Black Cloud at the Gym Standard in North Park (San Diego). This pic^ is me holding a signed copy against the wall at Gym Standard. 

    You can listen to me talk to Sean H. Doyle and Eric Nelson on their Almost Live at Mellow Pages podcast. We discuss gothness, drugs, sobriety, Scott McClanahan, the process of publishing with Civil Coping Mechanisms, and a bunch of other stuff.

    I have a story in this alt lit anthology. Guess that officially makes me alt lit now. sux 2 be me. heehee. Lots of good writing in this here book. Lots of words too. Good value. Bang up job.


  9. Black Cloud by Juliet Escoria



    That was the summer the waters in the lagoon swelled, and the gnats and mosquitoes swarmed in black clouds. We would sit on the beach in his rusty lawn chairs, the nylon threads turning white before snapping. We drank cases of beer, first cold and then no longer cold and then warm, out of cans hidden in paper bags, and the bug bites popped red on our heels. The day turned into night, and we rolled from the chairs onto the sand, not really minding the bugs, and I whispered to him, “I love you,” for the very first time, and I meant it.

    I thought I meant it.

    The days grew shorter ad the mosquito bites healed. That was the winter the kelp uprooted itself, splaying on the sand in rusty, rotting piles, making the beach stink of death. We went down there one night, hopeful, but I could only stand it for ten minutes. Right before we left — he didn’t want us to go — I said to him, “It just seems like the ocean is trying to get at us,” and he smiled at me like I was a morbid and silly child. He was one of those that came here from somewhere else, and saw everything as great, waking just about every day to declare it a beautiful morning. Fuck California, I said under my breath. And also: fuck you.

    -pg 11


    Black Cloud is a book by Juliet Escoria. It was published by Civil Coping Mechanisms in 2014. Black Cloud is 144 pages.



    It’s twelve short stories about the same character. 

    specific stories:

    The Other Kind of Magic: A woman gets a job in Manhattan doing coat check. She starts cheating on her boyfriend with one of the owners. 

    The Sharpest Part of Her: A story about being raised by a single mom who is a drug addict. The mother was a model, but drugs destroys her good looks, and her addiction eventually drives her daughter away.

    Trouble and Troubledness: A story about being a teenager and doing lots of drugs and drinking, cutting yourself, being suicidal, and being prescribed tons of medication by doctors. ‘I just wanted to be left alone to hurt.’



    A lot of these stories have descriptions of either the sunset or sunrise, and the first thing that comes to mind when I think about this book is that weird kind of sunset half-light, which is often very beautiful and mysterious. I also think about the kind of half-light that fills trashed-out rooms where people do drugs, which is much less beautiful.

    This is a good book to read all at once — it’s not long, and the stories are easy to read and not boring. You can read the whole book in a couple hours. There are a lot of beautiful sentences and paragraphs in this book.

    This book made me feel very sad at parts, and made me think about people I’ve known who got deep into drugs and never got out again. ‘The Sharpest Part of Her’ was the saddest story in the book to me, because it reminded me of kids I’ve worked with whose parents are drug addicts. 

    The book also has hope in it though — the character eventually gets clean. She is a survivor, and that makes me feel hopeful. 

    Escoria made a video for each story in the book, which I like — adds another kind of texture to the book, some visuals to carry in your mind while you read. I especially liked this video for Reduction


    buy Black Cloud here



  10. some black cloud stuff


  11. 90% of my clothes are in boxes in west virginia or on their way to west virginia

    99% of my books are doing the same

    my room is becoming very bare very quickly

    i saw my psychiatrist for the last time today and felt sad when we said goodbye

    right now i am wearing a lot of carefully applied make-up because i was practicing for the wedding 

    this is the third time i have moved across the country in five years but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel strange to know that in a tiny bit my life will change very much

    in a lot of ways this is the biggest change yet

    i feel really good about it except for when i try to explain what i am doing to someone who i haven’t seen in a while 

    then i feel insane

    but you shouldn’t live your life so it sounds good to people you haven’t seen in a while

    that’s a good rule of thumb


  12. illllllllllllli:

    Juliet Escoria!!!!!!

    SUNDAY at NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL POETRY VOL. 5 (even tho i did not and probably never will read poetry)


  13. i tried to go to a 12 step meeting yesterday but traffic was terrible so i turned around and then went on a walk in the canyon instead

    it was a good move


  14. Steve Lewis interviewed me for Blackbook


  15. Lindsay Maharry interviewed me for Bullett.

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